20 Best Driving Games to Play Today

If you love watching the world burn, you’ll love Teardown. Every car, boat, front-end loader, dump truck, and random other vehicle is drivable. And you can drive them through anything you like: a wall, a house, a building, or into each other. Even the watercraft sinks into the lake if you shoot enough holes into it, but destruction isn’t the only point of this game. Each level starts with specific objectives that can be completed in however long it takes to prepare, but once the alarms ring, the countdown begins. And once that timer starts, you’ll need to be able to string enough objectives together to escape without being caught. Making a tunnel through multiple buildings to gain access to another objective is a must. Shotguns, grenades, torches, and a handy fire extinguisher are a handful of tools you’re able to use to aid your efforts. It’s a driving game, but one that requires just enough strategy game to balance your ability to do whatever the hell you want. The automotive physics might not be the most realistic but seeing the roof of a minivan peel back and crumble after driving through a warehouse wall never gets old.

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