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R ER6 2020 review | Autocar

Rising out of the high centre console and dominating the dashboard is the 14.3in curved infotainment screen. This, along with voice activation, controls nearly every function, right down to the sunshade and air conditioning. The apps on the system are of limited use, though. One even tells you what car you are driving and its colour. While the functions are mostly touchscreen activated, there are a few buttons at the base of the screen, but navigability could be greatly improved. 

The ER6’s most striking feature is the three square metres of glass making up the roof and the rear passengers get the full benefit of this as it slopes down to the boot. Head room is at a premium for anyone taller than six-foot as a result, and leg room is none too generous, either. Although the near-flat floor will be appreciated by the middle passenger, the lack of a headrest and the uncomfortable seating position makes that perch suitable for short journeys only. Boot space is sufficient to accommodate large cases.

This is an electric car very much optimised for range rather than performance. Even though the acceleration figures will put those of most combustion-engined saloons to shame, this is no Tesla. The three driving modes – Eco, Comfort and Sport – have an easily discernible difference. Push the ER6 hard, though, even in Sport, and you leave it scrabbling for traction. Like most Chinese cars, the suspension set-up gravitates towards comfort.

There are three levels of energy recovery, with the highest KERS allowing almost one-pedal driving. Regenerative braking settings are independent of the drive mode, too, unlike in many other EVs. Our mid-level-trim test car lacked the driver assist features, such as lane keeping assistance, of the range-topper. 

Despite being electrically adjustable, the lowest setting on the driver’s seat is already relatively high, meaning taller drivers might be pushed to get a comfortable position. One interesting feature is an augmented reality function on the instrument panel, which shows a video of the road ahead along with information such as navigation cues.

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