6 Cool Nissan Z Proto Details that Pay Homage to Past Zs

nissan z proto


It’s only natural to focus on the Z Proto’s newness, given how long it’s been since Nissan has redesigned the iconic sports car. But the company is keen to point out how the new model’s design pays homage to prior versions of the Z. We’ve gathered up some of the Z Proto’s historic touches and presented them here alongside photos of past iterations of the Z, namely the original 240Z from the 1970s and the Z32-generation 300ZX of the early 1990s.

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This badge on the C-pillar has been found on many Zs of the past, and it incorporates a new “Z” logo with a stylized script.


The headlight shape is meant to be an abstract reference the original 240Z’s units, which began as an exposed circular lens with a scooped-out oval surround and later added a glass cover.


Nissan refers to these taillights as having a “floating Tylenol pill” design, as first seen on the Z32-generation 300ZX.

Analog Gauges

The only real nod to the past inside the modern-looking cabin is the binnacle atop the dash with analog gauges for boost pressure, turbo rpm, and battery voltage. The 350Z’s similar gauges are pictured at top.


The Z Proto has a staggered 19-inch tire setup with 255-width rubber in front and 285 width at the rear. White lettering on the tires lends a historic touch.


This bright-yellow pearlescent hue is similar to paint colors available on the original 240Z and on the 300ZX.

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