Autocar’s name that car model quiz – challenging

OK, so you can tell the difference between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini – but could you identify a 360 Modena Challenge from a 360 GT? Maybe you know the 80s world of motoring inside out – but what about the present day?

We’ve put together this head-scratching automotive quiz together for gearheads that think they know their stuff. Take a look through the picture gallery above and identify each make and model from the images we’ve cropped, zoomed and otherwise disguised. How many can you recognise? We’ve picked cars from the past and present, and there might be one or two concepts thrown in for good measure. You’ll find the answers at the end of the slideshow.

If you’re struggling, try our slightly less taxing easy difficulty quiz. Or maybe these are all a bit too Sunday driver for your abilities – in which case, head over to our ultimate difficulty quiz instead.

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