Citroen boss wants to sell quirky Ami two-seater in the UK

Citroën UK boss Eurig  Druce is “doing everything possible” to bring the two-seat Ami to the UK market and will import two examples from France for testing later month to evaluate the potential for future sales.

The city-focused Ami is classed as a quadricycle, like the Renault Twizy. It is 2.41m long and has a turning circle of 7.2m. It is powered by a 5.5kWh lithium ion battery that can deliver up to 47 miles of range and the sole motor allows it to hit a top speed of 26mph. The battery can be recharged in three hours from a domestic socket.

“I’m massively excited by Ami and would love to see it here,” said Druce. “I’m doing all I can, but first we must gauge reaction and then build a plan from that to see if it could be successful. What’s clear so far is that people love its unconventional styling and that they are intrigued by it. What I’d love to find out is if we can take that further.”

In France, Citroën is offering consumers three usage models: long-term rental, car sharing and cash purchase. Rental requires a deposit of €2644 (around £2200) and monthly payments of €19.99 (£17). Through car-sharing scheme Free2Move, subscribers can drive the Ami for 26 cents (22 pence) per minute. To buy, the Ami costs €6000 (£5054).

Although it can be driven in France by anyone aged 14 or over without a full licence, the Ami’s quadricycle status means it would require a full driving licence in the UK.


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