James Ruppert: say goodbye to finance and buy used instead

In theory, then, manufacturers are giving you free money to get wrapped up in one of their PCP schemes, or to turn up at their showrooms with a part-exchange. But I know you are smarter than that. Use not a great deal of your own cash to buy some transportation without the worry of comparing APRs or getting GAP insurance.

Tales from Ruppert’s garage

Innocenti Mini, mileage – 6979: All I’ve been doing is safety checks on the Italian Job. Pumping up the tyres, checking the oil, which stays bang on, and very occasionally dribbling in some coolant. If I fill the expansion tank to the correct level, it just piddles out after a run. I watch the temperature gauge closely and it glues itself to 90. When I first got it, there was always a whiff of steam from under the bonnet, but after a service that stopped. Instead of a boring ‘checking levels’ image, here we are prepping with a picnic basket and folding chairs for an afternoon out. We had such a nice time that I forgot to take any photos in a field. Next time.

Reader’s ride

Toyota MR2: Tom has an interesting tale to tell: “About 15 years ago, I bought a Mk1 MR2 with a year’s MOT for £250. I sold it after a trouble-free year for £130.

“Next was an E-reg Polo for £100, which lasted the nine months of MOT it had. This was followed by a 106 for free from a family member, which was swapped after a couple of years for a K-reg Fiesta. This sadly was stolen and burnt out but I managed to haggle the insurers up to £400. By my calculations, this four-car run left me £180 up in total. I love Bangernomics.”

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