Tesla Model 3 gets design and cabin tweaks, range boost

Tesla has updated the Model 3 with a host of small revisions and upgrades, and added Long Range Plus versions of the Model S and Model X to the UK pricing list.

The Model 3 now benefits from some subtle exterior upgrades including satin black trim for the door handles, side repeaters and window trim. An updated design of Sport wheels (available in 18 and 19in sizes) plus a 20in ‘Uberturbine’ wheel option also feature, while the tyres have been uprated to boost efficiency.

Inside, there is both trim and design upgrades. The gloss black trim on the dash and centre console has been replaced by a matte black finish, while satin black sill plates, graphite seat controls and metalised scroll wheels on the steering wheel now feature. 

The centre console has been changed to allow wireless charging pads for two smartphones, while the sunvisors are now magnetic and snap black into place. There is also two additional USB-C ports and another USB-A port in the glovebox. 

That’s not all, however. The Model 3 now receives the same HVAC heat pump as the recently launched Model Y, which along with the tyre upgrade and powertrain tweaks boosts the range further and allows Tesla to claim it as the “world’s most efficient mass-production car”.

The official range of the base Standard Range Plus model has now been boosted from 254 miles to 267 miles. The Long Range variant is up from 347 miles to 360, while the performance model goes from 329 miles to 360 miles. 

The Model S and X also see the introduction of the Long Range Plus variant to the UK, with it having been on sale in the US for some time. It means the Model S is capable of a maximum of 405 miles of range (WLTP) thanks to reduced weight, improved drive unit efficiency and tweaks to regenerative braking. 

The Model S Long Range Plus is priced at £74,980, while the Model X Long Range Plus promises a range of 348 miles and costs from £82,980. The updated Model 3 range starts at £40,490.


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