Top 10 Best Superminis 2020

9. Vauxhall Corsa

The fifth-generation Corsa didn’t have the easiest gestation period. Following the sale of Opel-Vauxhall from General Motors to PSA Group, the decision was made to bin all development work that had been completed on the new model up until that point, so that the supermini could instead be based on the French company’s new CMP platform.

Deadlines were tight, and development somewhat rushed, but the end result was nonetheless pretty impressive. Not only is the new Corsa a handsome, if understated, supermini, it’s one that drives quite well too. Performance from the newly-sourced PSA Group engines is good, while it handles with plenty of tenacity. That said, it doesn’t quite engage its driver in the way the best superminis in the class do, the car’s controls haven’t been tuned with the last word in attentive care, and interior materials are a bit questionable in places.

This remains a highly competent supermini with more static appeal than the Corsa has had before, albeit not one that carries a huge amount of enthusiast appeal.

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10. Honda Jazz

Among the automotive fraternity, the Jazz has something of reputation as one of the most, er, staid machines on the planet. 

However, is is a badge Honda wears with the pride, and superb ease of use and acres of cabin space are very much hallmarks of the Jazz experience. The latest iteration gets comfier seats, better visibility and, where once the only engine option was an insipid naturally aspirated 1.3-litre petrol with pitiful amounts of torque generated too far up the rev-range, now a 1.5-litre hybrid is the sole powerplant. 

The driving experience is also largely vice-free, though ride quality still falls short of the best in this class and you’ll not want the excerise the hybrid engine too hard, as things quickly get more noisy but no faster. Inside, meanwhile fit-and-finish is good, the new dash is more attractive and progressive than ever, but it’s still the cavernous space on offer that remains the one reason why you might buy the Jazz over any other car on this list. 

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